By your side,
to take you to the next level.



People come first. Getting and keeping the right people for your team is hard.
With my long term approach, I help to find the right people for your team and have a smooth onboarding. After a short time, your internal team will be able to continue along the paved path I build.
Besides that, I help individuals in your team grow into a leadership position and be prepared for the next challenges.
Last but not least, based on experience from previous projects, you save up to 50% on external recruitment costs.


The strategy that led your company to success in one phase will most likely not lead to success in the next challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to extensively and regularly review the strategy and adapt it to the new conditions in order to evolve. 
With my experience and the view from the outside, I help you to do this and to regularly redefine and follow your path.


The development of a product is complex.
I support you to fill gaps and optimize your product development on the following areas:


The technology in the world is developing very quickly, and it's hard to be up-to-date.
I jump in and support you to not lose track and focus on the most important aspect of your business with technology glasses on.



Best when you become a leader


Best when you have a team growth challenge


Best when you have a strong team expansion