Peyman Pouryekta

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for the best innovators.


Senior Director at Moody’s Analytics

Daniel Sprünker

"Peyman has tremendous experience in the interface between technology & business in very dynamic organizations. Through his empathic nature and strong communication, I was able to benefit enormously from his expertise in a multi-part training in the area of technology management. Peyman dealt very individually with my initial situation and gave me tools that are also a great help to me after the training."

Director of Technology at Moody’s Analytics

Francisco Sobrino

"It's easy to work with Peyman, he helped me find the weak points in a team and see the best way to strengthen it to scale the applications and the company."

Co-Founder & Managing Director at Concular 

Julius Schäufele

"Peyman joined us as an interim CTO. With his level-headed manner, Peyman helped the team to grow in itself, establish mature development processes and hire 4 people for the product team. He's a great person to work with and a knowledgeable sparring partner - I can highly recommend him as a support for all companies in development."

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Co-Founder & Managing Director at KUGU

Christopher von Gumppenberg

"Peyman gave us stability with his experience and calm manner during a time of extensive restructuring of the entire technology and the rebuilding of the team. Exactly what we had hoped for from an interim CTO."

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